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Dan Johnson- BASS
Hi! My name is Dan Johnson. My wife, Jill, and I have been living in Redmond since 2004. We have two fantastic kiddos, Joseph and Lucia. I’ve been a musician for as long as I can remember. My first dabblings were on my great-grandmother’s piano which now resides in my own home. Her great-great grandchildren now enjoy it, too. I first picked up the bass while playing piano in my junior high jazz band. There were three pianists who had to take turns on songs while the little black 3/4 size Fender sat in the closet unplayed. So I volunteered to learn it on my own. After that, in high school, I picked up the upright bass as well. Since then I’ve enjoyed playing both electric and upright in jazz groups, a few bands, and a handful of worship teams over the years. I attended Oregon State University and earned a BA in Music in 2001, then later received my Master of Arts in Teaching from OSU as well. I have been teaching music at various levels since 2002. I currently teacher choir at Redmond High School.
Howdy all! God is teaching me more and more, day after day, that worship is more than singing the latest songs once a week on Sunday mornings. It's a moment by moment, intimate walk of praise, obedience, and communion with our Lord and Savior. God awakened a heart of worship in me a little later in life. I started playing guitar after college and slowly developed more courage to sing also. Wanting to serve at RCC, I was led to go out on a limb and lead worship in the children's ministry and my heart has been with our youth ever since! I have a passion for working with our teenage youth and helping them open their hearts and worship God with a freedom that will carry on through their adult lives. (I love worshiping with our adult congregation also!) I've been married to the love of my life, Sheri, for 16 years. We have two wonderful sons, Kyler, 15, and Jordan, 13. I've had a 19 year career as a barber which has introduced me to so many wonderful people and friends. My hobbies include archery, every type of hunting, flyfishing and steelheading, and playing the blues and rock and roll! I am so grateful that RCC has been our home and church family for the last 11 years and excited for the paths He has laid out for us in the future.
Without aging myself too much, I'll let you know that I have played piano for about 30 years and am picking up the guitar these days and loving that!! I have been raised playing music in church alongside my brother on the violin. What a thrill to have also married a man who loves to passionately pursue God with music on a different stringed instrument, the guitar. Cory and I have been involved with leading worship for about 17 years together and are so blessed to be serving the RCC community under the incredible leadership of Michael and alongside this great group of people. As Cory and I lead worship, there are few Sundays where I don't get silent tears in my eyes as we enter into His throne room, praising our Almighty, in one accord. We have 2 beautiful children, Bekah and Cade, who are 7 and 9 years old. As a family, we love to play hard together, go on 2-month road trips in the summer, clocking over 150 miles on the trail of the high Sierras in California, xc skiing all winter, and watching our kiddos thrive on the soccer field. I teach full time at Central Christian Schools as a music and piano teacher as well as their high school Spanish teacher. Cory and I also run a private studio where he teaches guitar and I teach piano. I look forward to worshiping with you!
(See Julie's bio above.)
Kammie and Danny
Hi, my name is Danny Costa. I am 25 years old, and have a beautiful wife named Kammie and two kids (Ethan 3, and Annabelle 2). The Lord is so wonderful, the only way I can even begin to repay him is by walking by faith, and trying to produce his fruit the best I can! I have attended RCC for about 5 years now, and playing acoustic guitar with the worship team for almost a year. The whole reason I picked up a guitar was to get involved and have fellowship with members of the church and it has been a great decision! My hobbies are my electrical business I recently started, motocross, wake and snow boarding, and most of all spending time with the wonderful family God has blessed me with.
My name is Moisés Viramontes. I’m from Mexico. My wife, Debbie, is from Costa Rica. We’ve been married for 10 years. Our kids are Elizabeth (9) and Ian (4). I have been the pastor of the Hispanic Ministry here at RCC for almost 5 years. Maybe some of you have seen me playing the red guitar with the worship ministry for about 1 year. In more than one occasion, nice members of RCC have welcomed me and when I mentioned that I am the one who plays the red guitar, the reaction is been always the same: “Oooh, yes, now I remember, that’s why you look familiar”… (je, je). I don’t complain, the important thing here is to remember that life consists in living it for God and not for us, and that God may be worshipped always.
I believe music has the power to move us. There is a reason that musicians have led armies into battle for centuries. It is, by design, able to penetrate deep inside an individual to invoke passion, emotion and action. Music has always been part of my life. Growing up our house was full of music, whether it was the radio, tapes or us playing around with various instruments. I also participated in the church youth choir and bell choir (yes, a bell choir). And though I've been around musicians most of my life, I never thought I was one of them. That all changed when I graduated from high school and moved to Central Oregon in 1993. I began to serve in the youth ministry at this very church (which was called Redmond First Baptist back then). After a couple of years, at the age of 20 or so, I had the opportunity to learn how to play the piano. Many gifted and generous people in the church took me under their wings and taught me about music, chords, and theory. They also gave me the opportunity to practice and play to sharpen my skills. I mostly played the piano in the early years until the need for a bass player arose and I was willing to take on the challenge. Somewhere along the way I picked up a little guitar and the Djembe (drum)...oh and a tiny bit of harmonica and didgeridoo.....and the rest is history! Over the years I have also had the opportunity to play in a blues band, classic rock band, and several worship bands. I guess you can say that music has been a ministry for me both within the church and outside the church. Serving in the worship ministry is always an honor, often a sacrifice and above all a huge responsibility. After all, when we worship we are going into battle, aren't we?

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